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parag agrawal: Twitter spam accounts for last four quarter ‘well under 5%’: CEO Parag Agrawal


Twitter Inc CEO Parag Agrawal on Monday tweeted that internal estimates of spam accounts on the service for the last four quarters were “well under 5%.”
Agrawal said on Twitter that this estimate can not be reproduced externally given the need to use both public and private information.

Last week, Elon Musk had put his $44 billion Twitter deal on hold temporarily, but said he was still committed to make the acquisition.
His decision came as he was awaiting more details about the volume of spam and fake accounts on Twitter.
In a regulatory filing made by Twitter, the company had said that it faced several risks until the deal with Musk is closed, such as whether advertisers would continue to spend on Twitter and “potential uncertainty regarding our future plans and strategy.”
Spam or fake accounts are designed to manipulate or artificially boost activity on services like Twitter.
Some are tied to improve commercial results, while others are designed to create an impression that something or someone is more popular.
The estimated number of spam accounts on the microblogging site has held steady below 5% since 2013, according to regulatory filings from Twitter, prompting some analysts to question why Musk was raising it now.

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