Diesel sales top pre-Covid level for the first time in a year

NEW DELHI: India’s October diesel consumption surpassed the pre-Covid level for the first time in a year as festive demand boosted industrial activity and rapid vaccination against Covid prompted more people to travel. According to sales data, diesel consumption was 1.7% more than October 2019 but 5% lower than a year ago. On a monthly basis, October diesel sales recorded a 20% jump over September, spurred by increased movement of people, materials and finished products. Petrol sales too maintained their growth momentum in October, with consumption rising 8% from the same month of 2019 and almost 4% higher than a year ago. Jet fuel sales too recorded a smart recovery, reaching 66% of October 2019 and nearly 27% higher than the year-ago period as restrictions on the number of flights were lifted and people took to the skies with a vengeance. LPG sales also shot past the October 2019 level by 6% as lifting of travel restrictions resulted in increased festive travel to family and friends, leading to more cooking.

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