NEW DELHI: Demand for furniture, beauty parlours and restaurants witnessed a surge amidst the Diwali fervour, a report by local search engine Just Dial. In its latest consumer insight report, the firm highlighted that tier-I cities recorded the maximum demand. Furniture was the most searched category with a growth rate of 54 per cent as compared to last year. Further, beauty parlours were the second most searched with a demand growth of 73 per cent while, restaurants stood third with a growth rate of 76 per cent. The fastest-growing category was that of car rentals at 100% but the volumes of searches were considerably lower compared to that for furniture, beauty parlours, and restaurants. Car rentals were the fourth most searched category on Just Dial with a 100 per cent growth rate. Demand for car rentals in tier-1 cities grew by 136 per cent with Mumbai alone generating 53 per cent of the demand followed by Delhi and Hyderabad in the second and third place respectively. Majority of the demand for furniture was witnessed among tier-I cities as compared tier-II, with Mumbai and Delhi being the top cities. Similar trend was observed with demand for beauty parlours as well. In tier-I cities demand grew by 94 per cent, whereas it grew by 66 per cent in tier-II. Commenting on the rise in consumer demand, Prasun Kumar, CMO of Just Dial said: “Achieving the milestone of 1 billion Covid vaccine doses has uplifted the consumer sentiment and it couldn’t have come any time better than this festive season. It is encouraging to see that demand is booming across tier-I cities while the demand growth rate in tier-II cities also remains encouraging.” Search for housekeeping services also soared during the festive season with the highest 26 per cent of the total demand coming from Mumbai. Just Dial also saw a 41 per cent year-on-year rise in demand for modular kitchens during this festive season.

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