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GTA 6 release news: Grand Theft Auto fans need to mark this date in the diary

GTA 6 release news: Grand Theft Auto fans need to mark this date in the diary

GTA 6 release

GTA 6 originate news – Massive Theft Auto fans, effect this date down to your diaries (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

GTA 6 is one in all the ultimate mysteries in gaming, with Massive Theft Auto fans none the wiser to when the subsequent entry within the vastly common series will be coming. Or no longer it’s nearly been seven years since gamers enjoy been presented to Trevor, Franklin and Michael when GTA 5 first hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 lend a hand in 2013. Since then GTA 5 has launched on PCs to boot to the PS4 and Xbox One, with the hit GTA Online mode receiving tonnes of vital updates too.

To screech GTA 5 has been winning for Rockstar Video games would be a monumental understatement, with it going onto change into the ultimate-selling leisure product in history.

Rockstar struck gold with GTA 5, with the title raking within the money for them – in 2019 on my own GTA V pulled in $595million in digital revenues.

That’s a staggering amount, significantly for such an rising outdated game. And the GTA 5 flow is rarely over prison yet.

Rockstar Video games has presented that an enhanced version of GTA 5 will be coming to the PS5 and Xbox Sequence X in 2021.

When all is alleged and executed, GTA 5 can enjoy been released one day of three various console generations.

That’s fairly something, nonetheless the subsequent-gen originate of GTA 5 looks to be conscious that GTA 6 will be a technique off.

The PS5 and Xbox Sequence X version of GTA 5 is because of originate within the 2d half of of 2021.

Absolutely one in all the explanations right here’s taking place is GTA 6 is rarely ready yet, which looks to existing a 2022 originate on the very earliest.

Nonetheless that would no longer imply fans mustn’t be conserving their eyes peeled for an announcement.

Indisputably one of doubtless the most involving issues referring to the GTA 5 enhanced version expose change into that it change into the news that kicked off the PS5 June expose match.

Indisputably one of many first issues fans tuning in to search out out referring to the PS5 seen change into the Rockstar Video games logo.

And absolutely that’s no accident. There enjoy been rumours going spherical for someday that GTA 6 change into going to be a timed unfamiliar for the PS5.


GTA 6 is one in all doubtless the most hotly anticipated titles, nonetheless a originate earlier than 2022 looks no longer going (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

These rumours date lend a hand to gradual 2018 when an alleged third-birthday party dev printed an nameless Pastebin put up which claimed Sony had paid big money to genuine timed unfamiliar rights to GTA 6.

What made this put up seem plausible, nonetheless, is it purchased a different of different particulars referring to the PS5 correct – which looked as if it would lend a little bit of of extra weight on the lend a hand of the PS5 claims.

It is miles probably to be that that you just might well be ponder of that Sony led with GTA 5 for his or her PS5 match to underline a extra closer working relationship with Rockstar Video games that the two events is probably to be about to embark on next-gen.

If that is indeed the case, then Massive Theft Auto fans will are searching to retain a end take a look at on upcoming PS5 events in case any longer news or bulletins fetch dropped.

And the subsequent PlayStation 5 match is rumoured to be taking place rapidly, with Sony allegedly planning a PS5 match within the first half of of September.

Leaker DuskGolem, who specialises in survival fear leaks, claimed that is probably to be when the subsequent PS5 match would be taking place.

Whereas every other critical insider, Tidux, has claimed a PS5 match is probably to be taking place in early September.

It is miles probably to be a little bit of early to characterize news on GTA 6, which is reportedly already in model, or even showcase it prison yet.

Nonetheless if these rumours about Sony inserting a timed unfamiliar address Rockstar Video games are faithful, then the PS5 makers might well additionally take cling of to stutter it sooner than the commence of the subsequent-gen.

It would give gamers a gigantic cause to preserve end a PS5 on day one as an investment for the ninth console technology.

And it might well perhaps also effect heavy stress on Xbox every other time, following a technology exact through which Sony’s console managed to outsell Microsoft’s by a ratio of over two to 1.

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