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Forget Apple Watch 6 — a OnePlus Watch could be on the way

Forget Apple Watch 6 — a OnePlus Watch could be on the way

Oppo Watch

OnePlus Peep would possibly per chance be an just just like the Oppo Peep
(Image credit: Oppo)

OnePlus would possibly per chance be entering into the smartwatch game to use on the Apple Peep 6. And in accordance to an stock on the Infocomm Media Building Authority internet page (observed by 91Mobiles), the wearable will be known as the OnePlus Peep.

When we spoke to OnePlus referring to the OnePlus Nord phone and product line, we came away with the impression that OnePlus has extra up its sleeve than soft telephones, earbuds, and TV’s for Asia. So it’s no longer a gargantuan shock that the OnePlus Peep would possibly per chance be its next non-phone tool. 

Rumors a pair of OnePlus Peep were effervescent away for a pair of years, although nothing gargantuan came from them. In that time Apple has additional iterated on the Apple Peep, now in its fifth technology. 

Whereas the Samsung Galaxy Peep 3 impressed us, there absolutely is extra scope for new smartwatches to enter the fray and use a gape at to use on the Apple Peep. 

A broken-down OnePlus employee suggested our sibling plot TechRadar that OnePlus has been “actively been having a gape into a smartwatch for the final year.” That would no longer expose us a worthy deal about what to ask from the OnePlus Peep, on the opposite hand it does slump some system to counsel that a smartwatch from the Chinese tech company is in the works. 

Curiously, the leak and listing comes at a time when Oppo has soft revealed the Oppo Peep; a smartwatch that has a extraordinarily an identical produce to the Apple Peep. 

Now OnePlus has always maintained that it’s a separate company to Oppo despite some placing similarities between their telephones — the OnePlus 8 Pro has a range of an identical aspects to the Oppo Secure X2 Pro — and that they are each and each effectively a subsidiary of BBK Electronics. So it’s no longer unsightly that OnePlus would possibly per chance be engaged on a smartwatch after Oppo has one willing, as each and each corporations dwell piece the an identical manufacturing strains and offer chains. 

Whatever the crossover, the OnePlus Peep will decide to bellow one thing a miniature special to the smartwatch enviornment. We’re anticipating the Apple Peep 6 to be revealed in September, and that’s tipped to near with a new produce (no extra Digital Crown) besides to extra highly effective specs and a total host of wellness and health aspects, including the flexibility to video display mental health. 

The Apple Peep 6 is anticipated to commence alongside the iPhone 12. But we don’t ask to search the OnePlus Peep for a while, in response to these early leaks. So it has time to near up with a slew of aspects to anxiousness the Apple Peep 6 for the title of best smartwatch.  

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