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Intel’s Xe-HP GPU crushes Nvidia’s A100, but there’s a catch

Intel’s Xe-HP GPU crushes Nvidia’s A100, but there’s a catch

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Intel no longer too prolonged ago started to portion predominant factors about its upcoming GPUs in accordance with the Xe architecture that will span from notebooks to supercomputers. Definitely one of Intel’s upcoming GPUs — the quad-tile Xe-HP — is at point out being examined by the firm in its labs and is already demonstrating very promising performance by beating Nvidia’s A100 GPU by two instances in FP32 maths.  

Early silicon of Intel’s quad-tile Xe-HP with 2048 compute gadgets runs at 1300MHz and makes utilize of early drivers, but it could well in point of fact maybe maybe hit a reasonably whopping 42 FP32 TFLOPS, in accordance with the firm. It is grand that performance of Intel’s Xe-HP scales nearly about linearly from one tile, to two tiles, to four tiles. 

By distinction, Nvidia charges its A100 segment at 19.5 FP32 TFLOPS. Intel expects to release its Xe-HP GPUs continuously in 2021, so it stays to be seen what Nvidia will offer then.

Heavy-responsibility GPU

Single-precision computations are ancient, amongst other things, in graphics. While performance in functions adore video games does no longer rely completely on FP32 performance, it heavily depends on it. To that quit, Intel’s subsequent year’s Xe-HP silicon beats Nvidia’s present GPU on a needed turf. There could be a spend even when. 

Intel’s Xe-HP GPUs are intended for high-performance functions, equivalent to datacenters. Therefore, this could well maybe even be nearly impossible to make utilize of them for PC gaming, unless Intel releases them in an add-in-card compose-element. Meanwhile, a few of Intel’s shoppers could maybe maybe maybe utilize Xe-GPUs to energy their cloud gaming companies and products. 

Thus far, Intel has demonstrated a really high-quit model of its Xe-HP GPU that’s supposed to be very costly. For a median particular person, it could well in point of fact maybe maybe also very smartly be more tantalizing to witness how a more democratic Xe-HPG GPU geared against gamers performs.

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